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V2 Cigs offers a large range of e-cigarette related products to the people along with the assurance of high quality and great pleasure and satisfaction. The products from the company are highly reliable and have received great reviews from its users till date!


The puffs of smoke, the ashtrays, the smoke stink and the tar that forms in the lungs are all things of the past with the latest electronic cigarettes V2 Cigs.

These e-cigs, as these are commonly known, have been recognized as far better alternatives to the conventional cigarettes that are made up of tobacco and emit harmful substances in the form of smoke that one inhales and exhumes. As against their conventional counterparts, these cigarettes tend to have nearly no harmful chemicals and thus are highly safe to be used by an individual.

Among the various brands that can be found in the market for these e-cigs today, the V2 Cigs are the ones that rule the scene due to their high quality and the vast variety of flavors that these provide the users with. However, before delving deeper into the benefits of V2 Cigs over the traits of its competitors, it is important to know about the basic structure and working of these.

How do E-Cigs Work?

Speaking in general terms, e-cigs are devices in which liquid containing nicotine is heated in an atomizer so as to emit vapors that resemble the smoke of a conventional cigarette. However, since there is no tobacco used in these e-cigs, the harmful effects of these are very less as compared to their conventional counterparts. The smoke created by these devices is inhaled by the users such that they enjoy it just like the smoke of a conventional cigarette and yet avoid the harms that the smoke of a real cigarette might lead to.

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While this happens to be the working system of all the e-cigs that can be found in the market today, V2 Cigs are considered better than those as they make use of a high quality liquid in the atomizer and have lesser amount of nicotine in it. What can be counted as an added benefit is that fact that there is a large variety of options to be explored with the V2 Cigs range of products.

The V2 E-Cigs Range

    • The Starter Kits – Among the vast range of products that V2 provides, there are first of all the starter kits. These kits are packages that contain all the stuff that those who are new to using e-cigs might need. Mostly, an individual taking to the use of these e-cigs would need an automatic or manual e-cig battery and the cartridge corresponding to the flavor of his/her choice.

V2 Starter KitHowever, the V2 Cigs starter kits provide a lot more than that. These kits contain an automatic e-cig battery, a manual battery, ten e-liquid flavor cartridges and an e-cig charger with a wall adapter. This starter kit helps one analyze the advantages and usage options of both the manual and automatic e-cig batteries; along with the option to taste all the flavors provided by V2 so that one can have an easy run to determining the favorite among them all.

For all those, who are aware of the advantages of these products and want to have a hearty stock of these at home, there is also the ‘V2 Ultimate Starter Kit’ which has a large stock of all the supplies that an e-cig lover might need!

    • The V2 E-Cig Batteries - the V2 e-cigs have three components basically. These are the battery, the atomizer and the flavor cartridge. However, the battery among all of these is the most relied product provided by the company. This is because these are high quality products that come in the automatic and manual variations.

v2 cigs batteryIn the automatic variation of the V2 batteries, the mechanism works such that these are powered on when one puffs on them. On the other hand, in the manual e-cigs, there is a button provided on its side which powers the e-cig on.

In both the variants, the battery in turn turns on the atomizer so as to heat the e-liquid in the flavor cartridge so as to turn it into vapors. Still, one can be sure that these vapors are not as harmful to the health of the users as is the smoke emitted by the conventional counterparts of these e-cigs.

  • The V2 Flavor Cartridges - When we talk about the range of flavors that V2 provides us with, there are as many as ten liquid flavors to be found in these and those are:
  • Red v2 flavors
  • Congress
  • Sahara
  • Menthol
  • Mint Tea
  • Peppermint
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Cola

The flavors have been designed on the fragrances and tastes given by the most favorite cigarette brands, so that people can enjoy them without having to avail their disadvantages and ill-effects. All the flavors are in turn available in four different nicotine strength levels, such that one can choose among the most preferred nicotine level cartridge.

For those, who would like to try many flavors from this rage, there are the ‘Flavor Carts’ which contain e-cig cartridges in three flavors. These packs provide value for money as one doesn’t need to pay for the individual packs and can take the whole set at a discounted price.

The Cost Factor

Among the various factors that go in favor of e-cigs, there is the fact that these happen to be highly cost effective in contrast to their conventional counterparts. The same can be said for V2 Cigs as well as these are very adequately priced and are sold at competitive prices in comparison to the various other e-cigs available in the market.

At the same time, the V2 range of products happens to have a large variety and there are various packages offered for them, such that one can buy those and save heavily on the e-cig purchases.

Therefore, if it has to be an e-cig for you, it must be V2!

However, make sure that you conduct purchases from the official website only as there are many dupes out there who might offer the false products to you at a high price! So be cautious and buy the original V2 e-cigs only!

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7 Comments/Reviews

  • Susan says:

    I have never wanted to or ever tried to quit smoking in the 35 years that I have been a smoker. I had the opportunity to try the V2 cigarette and decided shortly afterward that I was going to try and quit smoking for the very first time in my life. I haven’t quit entirely yet but I’m on my way. I never thought it would be possible for me to even get as far as I’ve gotten in my quest to quit. I smoked one pack to one and a half packs a day and now am down to two to four cigarettes a day. I am proud of myself and I am very happy to have V2 cigarettes to help me quit cigarettes forever.

  • Phillip says:

    V2 has helped me learn about e-cigs and also, how to use them. They are so easy to use, and work without any fuss. I stopped worrying about refilling my cig pack after I lay my hands on V2 e-cigs.

  • Cassie says:

    I have come across many e-cigs over the web, but the only thing which stopped me from trying them was the cost. But when one of the friends introduced me to V2, I couldn’t refuse. They are affordable, and also easily available.

  • Ryan says:
    5 stars

    Easy working and affordable price! This is all I can say about V2 e cigs. They have completely changed the way I smoke. I really love the wide range of flavor options.

  • Jason says:
    5 stars

    I have been hearing about e-cigs all the time, but never actually tried any due to the high cost factor involved. But, I at last found affordable e cigs in the form of V2 which helped me a lot.

  • Oliver says:

    One thing about V2 e cigs which makes it a winner is its wide range of flavors. I could choose more than one flavor in different strengths. Isn’t this cool!

  • Bruce says:

    The start-up kit of V2 cigs is quite versatile. I could actually taste all the flavors which I like the most without having to worry about stocking them. Changing a flavour wasn’t so easy before.