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Apollo Ecigs Review (SAVE 25% with Coupon Code: Ecigoff25)

Price: 54.95

Apollo e-cigarettes are an all-round performer. It packs in all the goodness that you can expect from a high quality e-cigarette. The price tag is equally affordable too. We give Apollo electronic cigarettes five out of five stars.


Try Apollo Ecigs live support for a world class experience. Highly praised with a great variety of products to suit every price range.

They are a great substitute and in overall a much better alternative for those tobacco-based traditional cigarettes. Nothing burns in the e-cigarettes and hence, there is no smoke and no foul smell either. The devices run on batteries and don’t require to be flamed up every now and then. It doesn’t leave behind that awful smell on your clothes or hair. Since its smoke and smell free, you can even enjoy the e-cigs in public locations without annoying anyone. Apollo allows its users to opt for their own preferred nicotine concentrations in the e-cigs. People can also opt for nicotine-free Apollo e-cigs which come in varied flavors too.

Apollo’s electronic cigarettes can be a boon for those who wish to get rid of their deadly habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. They can use Apollo e-cigs as a replacement for the traditional cigarettes and can eventually come out of their life-threatening addiction. The nicotine-free e-cigs neither harm you nor those who are around you while smoking. It’s the best that you can have to evade the disasters caused by tobacco cigarettes.

The basic starter kit of Apollo e-cigarettes comes at a highly affordable price tag of $54.95. There are 19 different flavors and five nicotine levels to choose from. The product comes with a 30 days Money Back Guarantee and a warranty of 12 months. Shipping is free and the product gets delivered to your doorsteps within no time at all.

Apollo’s package presentation

The way Apollo packs up its products makes a strong and vivid impression. Overall, Apollo’s package presentation is very simple, pleasant and it is also very easy to open up. This is where Apollo leaves all its competitors behind who adopt complex packaging of their products making it quite “difficult” to open. The packaging of Apollo’s starter kits is very attractive. Everything comes in an all-white or in an all-black magnetically-attached box with the company logo and the product briefing on the top. The box contains two partitions (layers). On the upper presentation layer, you get five cartridges and two e-cigarettes which are arranged side-by-side. Beneath the upper layer lies the second partition which stores all the chargers (wall charger, USB charger and car charger) that Apollo has to offer. The car charger is a genius add-on for recharging even while on the go. All the three chargers make it sure that you never fall short of battery life and can take a puff whenever you desire to.


apollo batteryApollo e-cigarettes are powered by long-lasting and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The battery that powers an Apollo e-cig lasts for up to 200 puffs, which is quite impressive. Unlike its competitors who just try to copy the looks of a traditional cigarette and offer gaudy looking batteries, Apollo batteries are quite attractive and dashing too. The battery looks classy and imparts a great feel to the overall device.

With Apollo’s multiple chargers, recharging the dried off batteries is never a problem. The device can get back into action within few minutes. The wall charger, USB charger and the car charger ensures that you can recharge the batteries anytime anywhere. Those who don’t wish to risk the battery going dead at any inconvenient situation can opt for the “Ultra” battery that is offered by Apollo while making the online checkout. The ‘Ultra’ battery is extremely powerful and boosts the capacity of the e-cig to around 300 puffs. Must admit, Apollo e-cigs remain unmatched in terms of its battery life, style, functioning and appearance.

Voluminous vapor

The volume of vapors released per puff is often the decisive factor which differentiates an e-cig from the traditional cigarettes. Thankfully, this is one such area where Apollo e-cigs seem to dethrone its traditional counterparts. Apollo e-cigs are capable of generating a “throat hitting” volume of vapor. The quantity of vapor generated from the e-liquid is highly impressive. It’s just enough to make way to your throat and offer an effective and enjoyable puff. In terms of performance, the device encounters no problem at all in producing a satisfactory amount of vapor every time you take an inhalation. The efficiency is truly commendable. It is the most enjoyable substitute that you can have for the traditional cigarettes.

Flavored e-liquids

Apollo ecigs offers 19 different flavors of the e-liquid in their e-cigs. While tobacco is still remains one of the most preferred flavors, Apollo offers some other great handpicked alternatives to make e-cig smoking more enjoyable and interesting. The flavors are highly diverse and are just enough to take care of every taste. They range from traditional flavors to the sinfully sweet ones. This wide variety of flavors certainly makes Apollo an inevitable choice over its competitors. Apart from tobacco, other flavors include menthol, rocky road, vanilla, blueberry, banana cream, mango peach, clove, etc.

Apollo e-liquids are MADE IN THE USA

The 19 delicious flavors come in two discrete sizes – small and large. The small pack stores 10mL of the flavored e-juice and is the most affordable and the convenient one. If you aren’t sure which taste suits you the most and are up for a trial, consider ordering the smaller pack. However, if you are sure about your preferred taste and want heavy doses of it, opt for the large pack which stores 30mL of the fluid.

Free gift

apollo caseWith every purchase of Apollo’s standard e-cig kit of worth $24.95, a portable battery case comes free along with it. With this free portable case, customers can conveniently recharge the batteries while on the go. Furthermore, the battery case is sleek in design, looks attractive and comes in two color variants viz. black and white. The case is very easy to carry along too.

Value for money

Apollo e-cigs are a great value for money. The starter kits come in different varieties and are offered at attractive price points too. The price of the starter kits starts from as low as $55 and goes up to $80. The flavored e-cigs costs $12/flavor while a package of five cartridges costs $20. With Apollo, you get what you pay for. The products are quite affordable and competitively priced too. Considering the quality of the Apollo products, the price tag seems unbeatable. The value that is offered for that price seems absolutely legit too. Apollo’s e-cigs stand unparalleled in terms of its lightness, durability, classy looks and easy charging options.

Different starter kits from Apollo

apollo standard kitThe standard e-cig starter kit is the most popular and the most favored starter kit from Apollo. This starter kit contains five cartridges, two lithium-ion batteries, a standard wall charger and a USB charging cable which replaces the popular car charger. While some may raise their eyebrows for the inclusion of a USB charger in the starter kit, but it is to some extent a brilliant inclusion. The USB charging cable can come in very handy for those office-goers who aren’t allowed to bring chargers in the office premises from home. They can use the USB cable to recharge the battery by connecting it to a USB port present in their laptop, tablet or computer. Thus, the sleek, convenient and unassuming USB charger adds great value to the starter kit.

apolloexpresskitWith Apollo’s Extreme e-cig starter kit, the offerings are a notch higher. Unlike the basic starter kit, the Extreme kit comes with a car charger in addition to a wall charger and a USB charger. Hence, whether you are at home, office or travelling in your car, recharging the batteries is never a problem with the Extreme kit. The universal car charger works like a charm while on the go. Apart from that, this kit too comes in with five cartridges and two extra-long lithium-ion based batteries which lasts much longer than that of the standard kit. Each of the five cartridges supports up to 300 puffs (inhalations) which is again slightly long-lasting than the cartridges offered in the standard kit.

Warranty services, money-back guarantee and customer support

In terms of warranty services, Apollo covers up almost every sphere. The warranty service is a pretty fair one and matches the global standards. The device comes in with a 12 months warranty period which begins as soon as the product gets delivered at the buyer’s residence. The warranty service covers any damage that may have taken place while shipping the product, as well as all sorts of defects that may come up while using the product. Manufacturing faults and other issues related to the product or it’s accessories like battery, charger, etc. are covered under the same warranty service. The warranty service for the atomizers and cartridges is comparatively of lesser duration and lasts for just two weeks from the date of delivery of the product.

The warranty service of the company is applicable only under standard (normal) usage conditions. All sorts of manufacturing, workmanship and material-based defects are covered under the warranty. User-initiated defects or damages aren’t covered though. Warranty claims can be made rather very easily. Just an email, online chat or a phone call would suffice. Customer will have to ship back the product to the company. Upon receiving the defective item, Apollo will refund back the money within 1-2 weeks.

Apollo’s customer service is very fast and robust too. Their staff is competent enough to solve any problem or answer any query within no time at all. The representatives are primarily available over telephone. Moreover, most of the departments within the company have a unique telephone number of their own. This avoids call transfers and tedious waiting while making the communication a breeze. For those who prefer E-mailing their grievances, Apollo offers an Email address for quick support. Online chat is also available between 8am to 11pm PST. All these three customer support options make it one of the most easily accessible e-cig companies out there in the web.

Discount Coupons

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Apollo e-cigarettes stand out distinctively in today’s crowded e-cigarette market. It’s one of the best that you can ever land on. It is attractive, pleasing and highly convenient to use. The volume of vapor generated by the device per puff is just excellent. You can hardly locate any other such e-cig in the market. However, before we wrap up this in-depth review of Apollo e-cigarettes, let’s have a quick recap of the prime strengths and the notable weaknesses of the product:

The pros:
  • Apollo has it’s own Research and development department, making it the only Ecig company in the world with it’s own factory – allowing for quality control at the highest level.
  • Apollo offers an ecig for every type of smoker.
  • Packed with nineteen amazing flavors, the e-cigs are just enough to leave behind the age old tobacco taste.
  • The attractive looks impart a classy feel which is always missing in those traditional cigarettes.
  • Some of the starter kits come with a car charger which further prolongs the battery life of the gadget.
  • The elegant and sleek USB charging cable suits office environments.
  • The product comes in varied flavors and has a starter kit to suit every pocket.
  • The customer service and the LIVE support is the best that one can ever experience.
The cons:
  • The most popular starter kit gives a miss to the most common car charger. Thus, buyers have to spend some extra bucks to purchase it separately.

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11 Comments/Reviews

  • Wilson says:

    I have been trying out different e cigs, but none can beat the flavours and intensity offered by Apollo e cigs. I could literally choose from over 15 e juice flavours, and can also go for different nicotine strengths. My standard Apollo kit is a great addition to my life.

  • Simon says:

    Me and my best friend decided to try e cigs for a change. We ordered the standard Apollo kit and found the results really amazing. The kit has all the essentials and is accompanied with a battery with a good life. We have saved more than 15 bucks on our purchase which is really cool.

  • Andrew says:

    Apollo e cigs are the best e cigs in the market. I have been using the superior kit from a month, and I should say ‘It is really awesome’. I have tried almost all the flavours, and each has its own appeal.

  • Gilford says:

    In my search to find a decent e cig that gives me a good amount of vapour to calm my cravings, I came across the Superior Apollo e cig kit. They are not only affordable, but also offer heavy vapour and a long lasting battery. I really like the consistent amount of vapour produced by the e cig.

  • Teddy says:

    I have been using the disposable E-cig from Apollo that is fairly priced. Apart from their convenient design and easy to use features, they are really long lasting and have helped me save money.

  • Max says:

    In my search for the perfect e cig, I ordered an Apollo standard starter kit. It is a really cool kit. There are five different flavours to choose from. And the best part is that I got a good discount on my purchase.

  • Jack says:

    I have tried out different e cigs available in the market. While most of them were a waste of money, Apollo ecigs are different. I am using the superior eGo Apollo kit and I must say that it is the best I ever tried. I love the heavy vapor. They are also long lasting, which is really cool.

  • Alex says:

    The reputation of Apollo was one of the prime reasons for me opting for these e cigs.

  • Carter says:

    I have been using the disposable e cig from Apollo from quite few days and I am very much happy with the results.

  • Matthew says:

    One of my friends has been using these e cigs and recommended me to try it. Though I was not much into e cigs, but I really liked the comfort and quality offered by Apollo.

  • Adam says:

    I bought the Apollo standard starter kit online and have been really impressed with its performance. Easy to use and high convenient, these e cigs have changed the way I smoke today.