Reasons for Women to opt for Electronic Cigarette

Do you live with a man who smokes? Are you a regular female smoker? Do you face hardship to quit the nicotine habit? As per recent health reports, smoking has given rise to various fatal incidents. So, you need to know how best you can tackle the situation and make your health and home disease free. The answer to all your problems lies in electronic cigarettes.


An Electric Cigarette or e-cigarette is absolutely non-flammable and runs on battery. The electronic cigarettes use a unique micro technology, which provides a real smoke like experience without fire, flame, tobacco, carbon monoxide, stab, ash, tar, or smell that are usually associated with traditional smoking. These electronic cigarettes provide a very good alternative to the harmful traditional cigarettes. These smokeless cigarettes give you the satisfaction of smoking without posing any danger to the health or home.


Reasons for women to opt for electronic cigarette


Some of the reasons for which people, especially women needs to quit traditional smoking and opt for the electronic one are as follows:


  1. Complications in pregnancy resulting in infant death: As per a medical survey report conducted by the Centers for Control and Prevention, a woman whether she is actively smoking or passively; is prone to the different pregnancy problems like restriction in fetal growth, pre-term delivery, and even still births. If you opt for electronic cigarettes there will not be any secondhand smoke that can cause harm to the unborn child.
  2. Death due to fire: Traditional cigarette smoking can cause many minor and major accidents in home or office. As per a fire safety report published by the US Fire Administration in 2012, the accidents caused by cigarette smoking are more fatal than the ones caused by cooking, candles, or heaters. Though more number of people in the US has become health conscious and the percentage of smokers has declined, the deaths or accidents caused by smoking related fire are still higher. As per the USFA report, at least 1 in 7 US homes are falling victim to fire caused by smoking. These accidents are caused mostly due to the abandoned but burning cigarettes. As a smoker, you can come out of this problem by switching to electronic cigarette. These e-cigarettes are not at all flammable and work on batteries only. As the nicotine remains in liquid form and gets heated to produce steam, these cigarettes do not produce smoke or ash like traditional ones.
  3. Higher health insurance coverage: If you or any one in your family is a smoker, the medical expenses for ensuring perfect health will soar higher. Having a smoking zone in the house like a patio or balcony also does not solve the problem. Your children will not be spared from the adverse effects of second hand smoke. You also need to pay a higher premium toward the health insurance coverage. So, everything will result in burning a big hole in the wallet. With electronic cigarette smoking, you do not expect these types of problems and can save a lot of cash from medical insurance and visit to the physicians.
  4. Decrease in home and car value: If you are looking for a potential buyer for your home or car, you would find that the value depreciates just because the owner or the family members are regular smoker. Nobody wants to ride a car or live in a house that stinks of smoke. Even if you are replacing the car carpet, upholstery or the wallpaper in the house, the contractor would either give you very small amount for the old ones or ask for higher amount to do the renovation. Everybody likes to have smoke-free house and car. With electronic cigarettes you will not have noxious smell lingering in the house or car and as a result the market value of the same would remain higher.
  5. Hampers the conjugal life:  One major adverse effects of traditional cigarette smoking is getting the conjugal life hampered. It has been proved from various medical reports that too much smoking can decrease the sexual power of a person. This ultimately can lead to a strenuous dating or marriage relationship. Electronic cigarettes provide a complete solution for this problem.
  6. Lung diseases: Smoking causes various diseases related to lungs as the smoke is a mixture of organic material. So when this air is inhaled into lungs, it results in various illness and even death. E-cigarettes are devoid of such organic matters and contain only water vapor. So, smoke is not produced.


For a woman, the responsibility to maintain a healthy and happy family is greater. So you need to ensure hundred percent safety toward the health of yourself and your family. Traditional cigarettes not only make your health weaker but also create a mental problem, making you irritated all the time. As these e-cigarettes are hundred percent safer than the traditional tobacco ones, as the former has no smoke. The smoking cost is also reduced by two-third than the traditional ones. The home and car also remains safer without the smoke. These reasons are more than enough to give yourself a shot at the electronic cigarettes and attain freedom from the grip of tobacco. You would find yourself more energetic and healthy. Give yourself a chance to make the near and dear ones around you happy.

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