How Safe are E-Cigarettes as Compared to Conventional Cigarettes?

Since a long time now, e-cigarettes have been considered as a viable method of quitting smoking or what may be termed as the harmful effects of smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. These e-cigarettes have been known to contain none of the harmful chemical substances that with passage of time tend to affect the lungs of the user and can even lead one to having dreadful diseases such as lung cancer. These harmful substances are hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde which emit smoke on burning. This smoke tends to cool down and accumulate as tar and many other poisonous chemicals in the lungs so as to cause various kinds of diseases in the long run. An interesting and disastrous fact is also that among the various chemicals the formation of which the conventional cigarette smoke leads to, the ill-effects of many are still to be explored. These ill-effects come to light only when patients suffering from them come to light.

The invention of e-cigarettes came as a boon in this age that has been dramatically affected by the ill-effects of smoking conventional cigarettes. While the conventional cigarettes are paper wrapped around harmful tobacco, these are electronic devices which operate with the use of a battery. These devices, when used, emit fumes that are created by the chemicals (largely nicotine) that are contained in their cartridge or refill such that the user gets the feel of smoking a real cigarette and the satisfaction of having taken a relaxing puff from the age old tobacco-cigarettes. The chemicals, with the help of the atomizer in the e-cigarettes, create vapors that are highly safe to be consumed and still carry the taste and flavor of real cigarettes and also create fumes in return that resemble the smoke of conventional cigarettes largely.

What stands to the greatest benefit of those who shift to their use from smoking conventional cigarettes is that these don’t make use of any fire or smoke. In fact, the smoke created by them is mere fumes formed due to nicotine that is contained in these e-cigarettes. Among the other ingredients that are used in these cigarettes, is propylene glycol, which is not at all harmful to the health of the users. On the other hand, it is used in making medicines, asthma inhalers, food products, sterilization of drinking water and cosmetic manufacture.

The Safety Aspect:

Though it cannot be said that the nicotine present in the refill cartridges of e-cigarettes is completely safe for use; one can always assert that it is far safer than the harmful ingredients contained in the conventional tobacco cigarettes. As all of us know nicotine is present even in the cups of coffee without which our day doesn’t have a start. The e-cigarettes can be termed to be as harmful as that same cup of coffee and thus we can term them to be a better alternative to conventional smoking in all ways. At the same time, e-cigarettes are used by those people who want to quit smoking or want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking the conventional cigarettes by not letting go of their smoking habit. These e-cigarettes help such people avoid all the complications and problems that the use of conventional cigarettes may land them into. Also, they can have a healthier life and a better future than those who continue smoking conventional cigarettes.

All in all, these e-cigarettes can always be termed as the far safer alternatives to the conventional cigarettes that contain a large amount of tobacco and cancer causing chemical substances. However, one cannot neglect the other side of this story which terms them to being not completely safe as well. This goes in relation to the recent researches that have been conducted by well-known research organizations to study the effects and ill-effects of these cigarettes.

The Controversy:  

As per the results of the recently held researches, it has been learned that the nicotine in these devices can lead to addiction in their users. This is said in special respect to the fact that these e-cigarettes are largely used by young people. Therefore, it is highly possible that they could become addicted to the nicotine used in their cartridges. As per the conducted researches, even though the manufacturers of these devices claim to have used little or negligible amounts of nicotine in their cartridges, the quantity is sufficient enough to make the young users addicted to it. This means that in the urge to avoid the addiction and harmful effects of the conventional cigarettes, one can end up having the addiction of nicotine; which can in turn lead to other severe addictions and complications.

At the same time, as having too much coffee can lead to caffeine related complications in the users, the regular consumption of nicotine, even in the most minor quantities can lead one to facing the disastrous effects of it with the passage of time and age.

The Final Verdict:

After paying attention to both these aspects of this controversy, it is imperative to step out of this debate without giving a final verdict. Hence, it must be said that the advantages of using these e-cigarettes outnumber the disadvantages that these might have. At the same time, while the conventional cigarettes tend to show their ill-effects in a short time span only, the low amount of chemical substances in the e-cigarettes show their effects only after a long time span. Therefore, these are essential equipment to be used if one is planning to quit the conventional smoking habit. However, it goes without saying that it is important that one should use these devices within a certain limit only. Since, it is known to all that if the limits to the use of any object are crossed, one is bound to face its harmful effects. Therefore, it is one’s personal decision to use these devices carefully and enjoy its pleasures in the desired manner; such that only its benefits are to be experienced and no ill-effects happen to cause any harm to our health.

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