Does E-cigs Really Work to Quit Smoking?

When people search for the ways to quit their tobacco smoking, the top most advice they get is to use electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to conventional cigarettes which uses doses of nicotine vapors or non nicotine vapors to produce smoke. The device uses battery that vaporizes the liquid nicotine. The look and feel of these electronic cigarettes is very much like the real cigarette. E-cigs are considered as a healthier alternative to usual cigarettes as they do not contain hundreds of harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain a cartridge in it with a mouthpiece and are filled with liquid nicotine. When the device is switched on the battery charges and turns the vapor into a mist which is inhaled by the user. The excess vapor is then emitted from other end of the device creating an illusion like the original cigarette.

There are varieties of flavors in it like vanilla, chocolate and caramel. Depending upon the brand chosen the flavor varies.


Does Electronic Cigarettes Help to Quit Smoking?

Certainly yes! E-cigs can help you quit smoking. Leaving all the health debates associated with this product a psychological hint believes that E-cig smokers either quit smoking altogether or at least reduce the amount of cigs each day. A little explanation is needed to explain this fact. Just think for a second and fix the reason when will people start using e-cigs or when they fill gather the information about E-cigs? Only if the person has an instinct to quit smoking he will see for the alternative, so the E-cigs despite of its advantages and disadvantages will help the smokers quit.  While smoking tobacco products the users release up to 4000 different harmful toxins which not only affects the smoker himself but also the people around him/her. In contrast the E-cigs release only nicotine which is also inhaled by the smoker himself. It has been known that in recent years the death caused due to smoking ahs also increased and the health issues associated with it also rises. When death due to smoking is preventable, it is better to take a try on these E-cigs. Other alternatives to cigarette replace only nicotine but the e-cigs also deal with the behavioral stimuli, yet smoking and puffing still remain as apart of addiction. E-cigs are cost effective as the cartridges can be refilled also the cost of the tobacco products are high due to taxes and import duties. The smell and taste better than the tobacco products as they come in different flavors. Mimics of the popular brands are also present.


Although there are no scientific studies to back the results of E-cigs, many people had said that E-cigs had helped them quit. These E-cigs can be used anywhere and even in places where tobacco smoking is banned. The users do not damage their lungs nor they are the victim of cancer as the products in E-cigs are non carcinogenic. Also they do not cause yellowness to the teeth as they do not contain tar in it. The health benefits associated with E-cigs are usually boosted by the company but health experts alarm that Electronic cigarettes are not validated and may contain harmful toxins. And this uncertainty associated with E-cigs were backed when the Food and Drug Administration of United States had tested two popular brands and found that they contain a carcinogenic compound called di-ethylene glycol, nitrosamines and other carcinogens.  The clinical studies performed on electronic cigarettes are not carried in a controlled manner so scientists are not sure about the definitive health risks posed by the usage of these cigarettes. But the findings of FDA had alarmed the users that the carcinogens present in E-cigs can lead to addiction in long term use.


The growing concern for the use of electronic cigarettes had claimed that they should not be used to quit smoking. If a person wants to quit smoking permanently nicotine addiction should be eradicated. But in e-cigs this problem is not addressed. The traditional nicotine replacement therapy was developed in such a way that the person is weaned off to nicotine addiction in systematic and controlled way. Electronic cigarettes are not made with such a medically endorsed program. They are usually not tested and are not regulated. The amount of nicotine present in each brand varies and also contains other harmful ingredients. With some brands the nicotine cartridges are labeled falsely and the nicotine actually present in them significantly varies.  As the product is not regulated the label does not contain any warnings like the tobacco products so the consumers are unaware of the potential dangers and health risks associated with this product.

Long term use of electronic cigarettes may cause nicotine poisoning and the marketing practices used such as adding chocolate flavor and mint flavor seem to target children and teenagers, so indirectly it attracts children to smoke. When non tobacco users use electronic cigarettes as a sign of prestige they have a chance of getting addicted to nicotine instead of tobacco, so the risks of addiction will again remain the same. If the product is not used properly there are high chances of nicotine addiction in E-cigs. The nicotine present in the e-cigs get settled in the body and at any weak moment there are chances that the person may again turn back to tobacco smoking.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised the E-cigs makers to stop advertising and claiming that the E-cigs work as an alternative to tobacco products to help smokers quit smoking. Most of the Electronic cigarettes are manufactured outside the country so there is no strict control over the manufacturing process. E-cigs also contain another toxic compound called tetramethylpyrazine. Prolonged exposure to this chemical may cause brain damage in human beings.

Electronic cigarettes contain an e liquid. When this liquid is replaced with addictive drugs, it causes further damage to the body instead of improving it. Nicotine traces present in these cigarettes cause cancer and heart problems. To sum up, e-cigarettes can help us to quit smoking and it mostly depends upon the user. They are worth trying but when not used properly nicotine addiction and tobacco addiction can relapse.

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