Do Smoke Free Cigarettes Actually Work?

While the world is being plagued by a plethora of problems, cigarette smoking and the health issues related to it remains a menace. As smoking is extremely harmful, smokers are always at the receiving end. Tobacco addiction is a serious issue and nothing seems to work when it comes to kicking the butt. However, all hope is not lost for smokers. Someone, somewhere, understood the smokers’ troubles and came up with a nouveau concept – smoke-free cigarettes! They are a revolution of sorts. While these cigarettes still have nicotine, they are free from the 3000 odd chemicals present in the cancer butt.


Way Better Than Real Cigarettes….And They Actually Work!

The nicotine present in the e-cigarettes is controlled. You have the option to choose the nicotine concentration present in the cartridge. Be it the movie theater or the parking lot, you can now puff without feeling victimized. The smokeless cigarettes are a mark that you are trying to quit smoking and that you care about the environment and the people around. Thus, smokeless cigarettes not only work; they actually work for good. You may ask – what is the use if there is no smoke?


The fact is these special cigarettes mimic smoking in a healthier and more conscious way. They release water vapor that look like smoke. These cigarettes produce a similar effect to that of smoking a real cigarette.


The Common Question – Are E-Cigarettes Bad For You In Any Manner?

The debate can go on as there is equal number of voters on both sides. Let us be a little diplomatic here and not take any side. You (the smoker) are the best judge. Just think, although electronic cigarettes were rubbished as a mere fad, today, it has gained widespread popularity among the smoker community. While completely quitting smoking is the best alternative, it is not always possible. The smokeless cigarettes on the other hand at least act as a step to quitting. They are better than smoking tobacco cigarettes.


Even though the smokeless cigarettes have been criticized, no one has been able to prove if they are bad for health, cause cancer, or any other ailment. Ideally, they cannot be harmful. When compared to a normal cigarette, the e-cig wins in leaps and bounds. You don’t find the 3000 harmful chemicals; the small amount of chemical present cannot cause any grave ailment. The vapor produced contains a small amount of nicotine and flavors. As you can see, an e-cig is a much, much healthier alternative. To many, this e-stick is a welcome relief. Let the lungs take a much needed rest.


You might still be apprehensive as the pseudo-criticisms do have an effect on people. Nicotine has always been associated with a variety of diseases and the e-cig does contain nicotine. It is the only content that is not good for health. However, if research and facts are to be believed, nicotine is not carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and only when it is taken in large quantities can it cause cardiovascular diseases. A cigarette is not good for the heart because of the chemicals present and not only tobacco. If there are no harmful chemicals in an e-cig, how can it be bad for the heart?


One can even control the amount of nicotine in an electronic cigarette. There are cartridges available with different concentrations. No one is trying to justify the habit of smoking. These cigarettes are for smokers who are trying hard to quit. Why thwart this attempt by criticizing it? Frankly, electronic cigarettes cannot be judged as they are so different from original cigarettes. Chain smokers who are trying hard to quit but attempts have been fruitless, should go and try this amazing alternative.


Odds Are In Favor As E-Cigarettes Are Being Heavily Adopted By The Smoker Community

It is true that the cigarettes are neither World Health Organization (WHO) nor FDA approved. After all they contain nicotine, which is not that great for health. Moreover, there are many companies that make e-cigarettes potentially harmful as they include harmful substances in the e-liquid. Make sure you buy only the top brands from the known manufacturers. Keep in mind, there is nothing more harmful than smoking a real cigarette. Thus, the smokeless ones are worth a try.


The Potential Benefits of a Smokeless Cigarette

The concept of an e-cigarette primarily plays on the psychological aspect of the smoker. The look is same, the feel is the same. Plus, you know you are not really smoking! This is an instant mental boost for the smoker. There is no carcinogen or tar present in this form of cigarette. The chemical makeup of the water is so very different from the smoke released by a cigarette. The only similarity you have between the real cigarette and the smokeless one is the nicotine factor though that too is hardly comparable unfortunately.


Passive smoking is considered more harmful. Secondhand smoke contains more carcinogen and pollutants. Moreover, why should a non-smoker get affected by the bad habit of a smoker? With electronic cigarettes, this problem is successfully eliminated. There is no smoke and there is no secondhand smoke. You are not harming anybody. The social stigma attached to you is gone. Plus, you are not littering – no ash, no burning cigarette butts etc. You are not polluting the environment and that is so very good. In the long run, you also save on cigarette cost which generally is a huge amount if you are a chain smoker.


In short, smokeless cigarettes have definite advantages and they work quite well. At least you are making a conscious effort to quit smoking. The benefits outweigh the negative implications of smoking. Imagine if even a fraction of smokers switch to smokeless cigarettes, the world will be a healthier place. Of course, caution is advised while purchasing a brand. Under no circumstance should these cigarettes be tried by a non-smoker thinking that it is cool to have one. It is only for the smokers. Therefore, if you are seriously thinking of trying this amazing thing out, stop now.

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