Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Smoking has destroyed the lives of many; the chief culprit being nicotine. For years addicted smokers have been searching for a solution. They do give up on smoking only starting all over again within a few days. Though the desire to give up is present, the craving is greater. After years of research and technological advances, engineers have come up with the concept of electronic cigarettes. Currently, according to estimates, the number of people using these is 700,000.  This is a large number. Most of these people have switched to e-smoking to help them give up the habit altogether. The e-cigarette has emerged as the safe alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. There are many benefits of e-cigarettes. Firstly, since there is not combustion involved, the effects of nicotine are reduced greatly. The use of nicotine free e-cigarettes is the best safety option available.


Electronic cigarettes are known to deliver nicotine vapor and not as smoke. This reduces the risk significantly. This delivery method is believed to be less potent than smoking tobacco the regular way. Smoking is known to cause tar deposition in the oral cavity giving the smokers that distinct discoloration of teeth. This is both an embarrassment and a risk of oral health. The e-cigarette on the other hand will never give you yellow teeth. Since the nicotine is vaporized from the solution, there is no combustion involved. The next big thing about cigarette smoking is that it can leave you smelling like a tobacco plant. Your hair, clothes, mouth and hands will also contain that distinct repulsive tobacco smell and it will go away or rather reduce only after repeated washes. The condition worsens when you happen to work in an air-conditioned environment. You could cause a great discomfort for those working alongside with the bad smell. At times repetitive behavior may also cost you the job. This entire episode is avoided with e-cigarettes. They are basically odorless. Hence you are saved from all such ill happenings. Moreover, they actually come with pleasant flavors like strawberry, vanilla, green apple and the like. These flavors are contained in disposable cartridges and you could choose the flavor of your day with ease. Besides giving you a safer mouth, the e-cigarette also leaves you with a sweet smelling one.


For facts, a study reports that though e-cigarettes are a safer option, they are not safe in the absolute sense. There is no doubt a significant reduction in harm as compared to the use of regular cigarettes. But minimal risks do exist. There have been no major studies conducted recently to be completely sure of the e-device. However, some healthcare experts opine that e-cigarettes will definitely reduce the risks of lung cancer greatly since there is no tar or smoke involved. The regular cigarette contains more than 1000 toxic and carcinogenic substances, most of them are related to the tar-factor. E-cigarettes are a much better option in this case. Some other specialists believe that heart health may not see a major impact since the main component nicotine is still used. Though the route of delivery is safer, minimal risk is always present. Most of them advise the use of other established methods to get rid of the smoking habit. Nicotine chewing gum, inhalers and patches are all researched and well known for their safety as nicotine replacements. If nicotine content can be regulated in these e-cigarettes, then it will be a much better option. It should also be noted that nicotine content is as per the smoker’s preference. There are e-cigarettes that contain 0mg of nicotine. These are the safest alternatives.


The way of using tobacco is the major cause for health hazards. When tobacco is burnt, smoke is produced in large quantities. When this smoke cools down, there is production of tar and a large quantity of toxic chemicals. Some of the chemicals are yet to be identified by the experts. But the fact remains that most of them are cancer causing agents. So the actual content remains unknown. On the contrary, e-cigarettes are much more ‘open’ in the sense that analyses have been performed and you know the exact composition of the output. The main ingredient used is a chemical called propylene glycol. This is commonly used for various other purposes like preparation of medicines, cosmetics and food preservatives, asthma inhalers, in air-conditioners and also to sterilize drinking water. Hence, the safety is well known. There is little or no harm that can be caused from this substance. For cigarettes containing various levels of nicotine, some risks are present. These are minor and only a fraction of those that can be caused by burning tobacco. The good news is that it is not carcinogenic. Different types of cancers are attributed to cigarette smoking. The chances are reduced significantly by using the e-cigarettes. The best description would be to call e-cigarettes ‘safer’ than terming them as ‘safe’.


Short Term Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are not entirely safe and healthy. The researching scientists now estimate that they do carry the smoking risks at 1-2%. This is quite minimal and can be compared to the risk involved in having a cup of coffee. Whatever be the conclusion, they are certainly safer than traditional cigarettes by far. The concept of e-smoking is based on science and they have been in use for less than 10 years. Hence not much can be spoken about the long-term side effects of e-cigarettes. At present they are minimal especially when it comes to the nicotine-free variety. Most scientists opine that the individual may have to e-smoke regularly for a period of 8 months to equal the amount of risks presented by a single regular cigarette.

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