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Starfire Cigs Review

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StarFire Cigs are here to your rescue. No smoke, no tar, no teeth discoloration and no smell whatsoever. The secret of these cigs lies in the technology of atomizing that releases a smooth delivery that is both safe and satisfying to the individual.


StarFire Cigs is an awesome alternative method to traditional smoking. There is no tar or messy ashes. More importantly your hair and clothes will not smell like a tobacco plant. Smokers require a puff often to keep them going. So you want to smoke but do not want the smell.

As Seen On TVStarFire Cigs are here to your rescue. No smoke, no tar, no teeth discoloration and no smell whatsoever.  The secret of these cigs lies in the technology of atomizing that releases a smooth delivery that is both safe and satisfying to the individual. The air you exhale is environment friendly and it is basically odorless vapor keeping feel is kept to the real traditional cigarette smoke.

What People are Saying About Starfire Cigs

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The best thing to do is try out the well-equipped starter kit.

Starfire Cigs Starter KitThe starter kit will contain the following: a charging case that can hold about 5-6 cartridges and doubles up a charging unit during travel. There will be 2 batteries present along with 5 flavored cartridges containing the nicotine concentration of your choice, one standardized adaptor for wall charging and one USB charging cable (can be used through computers/laptops as well). The instruction manual will also be present. For starters, this is the ideal kit complete with all the necessary items. You are also given 30 days money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty for each Starfire Cigs Starter Kit. Those new to e-smoking can make best use of this kit to get used to this safe and stylish technology.

The two piece device is simple to attach and use. The low battery indication is also present. The LED at the diamond tip with intermittently blink for 30 times giving you the signal for a recharge. Charging is simple too. Simply open attach the battery to the port present in the charging unit. This should be done delicately to avoid breakage. Once the battery is fully charged you should re-attach the battery to the cartridge. The standardized battery power duration is dependent on usage.

Starfire Cigs CartridgeThe cartridge is composed of vegetable glycerin. Most other e-cigarettes in the market use propylene glycol (a chemical used in medicines). Though this chemical is also safe, Starfire Cigs have gone a step ahead to make their product a touch safer than their competitors. These cartridges are disposable and can last up to 275 puffs. Replacing the used cartridge is also simple. It should be unscrewed from the battery and a new one placed. Since your carry case allows you to carry 6 cartridges, you will never really miss the pleasure of puffing at times when it is needed.

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How Starfire Cigs Work?

The working methodology of these cigarettes is quite simple. When you take a puff, the pressure exerted triggers a sensor that in turn starts up a microchip which turns on the atomizer. The LED light then illuminates the unique diamond tip to confirm it is ready for use. The atomizer actually uses the fluid present in the cartridge in order to produce the environment friendly smoke or rather a vapor. These cigs do not produce any smoke but they emit a clean and fresh vapor that gives the appearance of regular cigarette smoke. They will not burn anything or leave behind that distinct tobacco smell.

Starfire Cigs BatteryThe classy diamond tip located right in front of the devices is the signature identity of Starfire Cigs. The personal carry case, as mentioned above, is innovatively designed using technology to use it also a mobile charge. It boasts of a smart microchip which accurately analyzes the battery power level before charging. If the battery requires charging, it will go ahead and stop automatically when the full charging is complete. This also helps to protect your batteries from over-charging giving them a longer lifespan. Further, each cartridge has a fresh atomizer. So every puff you take is satisfying. They are available in various strengths of nicotine; strong cigs of 24 mg, medium ones containing 11 mg and the Zero-nicotine option.

You Can Smoke Starfire Cigs Everywhere

Starfire Cigs as discussed above will not burn anything. Hence it can be safely smoked in places where smoking tobacco is not banned such as arenas, bars, planes, restaurants and office buildings. Besides being smoke free, the vapor produced also dissipates into thin air within seconds. You need follow the local regulations regarding smoking to avoid issues. Though a large number of people e-smoke still there is not much awareness of this product. So when you ‘light’ up in a banned place, people are sure to question. Once you explain them the innovation, they would understand besides being educated about the latest advancements.

Starfire Cigs cartridges contain 100% USA ingredients that are Propylene Glycol Free

Starfire cigs come to you in nine different and distinct flavors:

  • Starfire Cigs FlavorsPremium Tobacco (similar to regular cigarettes)
  • Turkish Tobacco
  • Menthol Ice
  • Cherry Blast
  • French Vanilla
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Appletini
  • Watermelon Splash
  • Juicy Peach

The size available is also identical to traditional cigarettes. These cigs are 3.4 inches long and about 0.19 inches wide. They will conveniently ‘sit’ between your fingers for that stylish look. The cartridges and atomizers manufactured by Starfire Cigs are both conveniently blended into a single unit holding the fluid. Most other designs where this is separated gives it an inconsistent attachment and reduces the satisfaction of a quick smoke. A single cartridge will last you the equivalent of regular cigarettes packet.

Become a star among your friends by opting for Starfire Cigs.

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4 Comments/Reviews

  • Maria Spencer says:

    The fact that the e-cigs are electronic gadgets made me worry whether it would be safe to use them. But after I ordered my starter kit and began using them, my reluctance vanished off. I’m very happy with the performance of the device. Now, I can assure others too that the e-cigs are completely safe to use and there is nothing to fear or be hesitant about.

  • Christopher Siegel says:

    Undoubtedly, there are many competitors of the Starfire cigs in the market but Starfire’s product standalone. Having tried and tested many such e-cigs, I finally decided to settle down with Starfire. The build quality of the device is of top grade and it provides a great feeling while smoking. The components of the device are of premium build too. Over my 2 months of regular usage, I hardly came across any fault in the machinery parts of the device. It’s been a pleasure using the e-cigs.

  • George Potter says:

    According to me, it is the best replacement that one can find to get rid of the tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine-free e-cigs helped me curb down my daily consumption of tobacco significantly and I fully believe that it has the potentials to even rescue the chain smokers. I opted for the device not as an alternative to the regular cigarettes, but as a replacement. And as expected, my faith paid off. I’m more than just satisfied from the results of this tiny, but life-saving device.

  • Peter Smith says:

    After witnessing all the hype these e-cigs have managed to gather, I decided to give it a try. Ordered the e-cigs online and was quite impressed by the prompt delivery. My starter pack reached me within no time at all. The built quality of the device is really very impressive and the components too are of top grade. It gives a good feeling holding the cigarettes and using them. So far, it’s been a pleasant experience with the e-cigs as they seem to deliver exactly what they promised to. My initial reactions were just ‘wow’!