South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette Review


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South Beach Smoke is one of the leading providers of e-cigarettes. It offers a healthier alternative for smokers to switch to; a product that provides the complete smoking experience without the hazards that accompany it.


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South Beach Smoke is one of the leading e-cigarette brands in the country today. It offers an alternative means of smoking that is much safer when compared to the traditional cigarette. The product is for people who are eighteen years or older.

The South Beach Smoke e-cigarette product is considered to be a state-of-the-art device that offers people who are hooked to traditional cigarette, smoking a safer and healthier smoking substitute. South Beach Smoke contains advanced proprietary technology that allows cigarette smokers the complete smoking experience minus the harmful smoke, tar, flame and other harmful and belligerent aromas that usually comes when they use conventional cigarette products. The mere fact that this amazing product is devoid of any tobacco means it does not contain all those destructive carcinogens that are usually found in traditional cigarettes. Moreover, since there is no second hand smoke there is no danger to people around the person using this product from ever contracting any lung disease such as lung cancer. It places the non-smoking community at ease because they no longer need to worry about the dangers of traditional cigarette smoke potentially ruining their health and their future. Unlike traditional cigarettes where there are only designated areas for use, people who use this product can virtually use it anywhere they like.

What People Think About South Beach Smoke

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Presentation and Packaging

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter KitWhen you receive the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Kit what you will notice immediately is that there has been a significant upgrade from the previous version of the product. The packaging still has that same smart look with the glossy black backdrop along with some radiant design features located on the magnetic flap portion. The entire packaging gives one that aura that you are in hip and happening South Beach. The box has a sticker inside that says “new and improved.” This could be a good move for the product to inform its customers about modifications they have made to recreate the smoking experience.

Battery Performance

South Beach Smoke BatteryWhen it comes to battery life there have been significant improvements over the previous version in terms of performance as well as presentation. The battery is still the same KR808D-2 model that is found in all the prior SouthBeachSmoke kits. It is very responsive and lasts a very long time. The major modification that has been added is that it can now run 4.2 volts as opposed to the conventional 3.7 or lesser that is found in virtually all e-cigarette minus any modifications. It has not been able to run through a volt meter apparatus anymore because there was no need for the same as there is a noticeable difference. The battery runs a higher temperature than other South Beach Smoke batteries and most likely other e-cigarette models thereby producing a higher quality of vapor and as a result the flavor of the South Beach Smoke cartomizers become more enhanced producing a more satisfying user experience. While the battery may have more weight and width than previous models it does so make it up where it is much needed, giving users the advantage of longer running juice which is equivalent to about three or four hours of heavy usage.

When it comes to presentation, this battery comes with a crystal red light emitting diode or LED, which is an improvement when compared to the conventional plastic ones that are found on other e-cigarette products. The company has also placed its entire logo located on battery’s side and this looks really great.

Vapor Flavor

When it comes to the cartomizers they seem to look a lot like the previous versions of the product but the major difference is that they perform better in conjunction with the new and improved battery. What you will notice when you try out South Beach Smoke is that the vapor production has improved from good to absolutely excellent. When it comes to the flavor, the South Beach Smoke products feel enhanced and positively taste really good due to the added voltage. The menthol feels more full while the vanilla and coffee flavors offer an intensity not felt before prior to the new power source. You can choose between 10 different flavors.

South Beach Smoke Flavors

South Beach Smoke Membership

South Beach Smoke offers a membership program that offers delivery of the product at the convenience of customers. There are a lot of benefits that this service offers to customers such as a lifetime replacement warranty. There is also a twenty percent discount on cartridge refills when bought from the Home Delivery Service. Apart from this there are also numerous special offers that would only be exclusively offered to SBS members and lastly, you can be rest assured that you get your monthly supply of cartridges delivered on time.

The Home Delivery service is optional. It simply allows regular customers a means of saving money to purchase South Beach Smoke starter kits as well as cartridges at the same time providing convenience to the customer in his or her monthly supply without any hassles. People can opt to cancel out at anytime they wish. Moreover, you have the option of customizing the frequency as well as the number of products contained in your monthly shipment anytime.

Overall Recommendation

People have tried numerous e-cigarette products before but none has surpassed the expectations of the users like South Beach Smoke. The Deluxe Kit has received a major upgrade in terms of performance and quality. Moreover, the 4.2 volt battery is a clear standout and a prime example for other products to follow. There is much to be admired in terms of how the company has set out to reinvent its product to great success.

South Beach Smoke has been highly recommended by the users.

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2 Comments/Reviews

  • Jack says:

    I absolutely love the rich tobacco flavors offered by South Beach Smoke cigarettes. Moreover, the battery life is so high that I can trust to be able to smoke anytime I want. The high temperature voltage offers me the rich tastes of tobacco, as the vapors are strong. This completely satisfies my smoking cravings. They say it’s safe too. It doesn’t contain the traditional harmful substances that cigarettes contain otherwise. I enjoy the other 3 flavors as well. You must try one in order to smoke health friendly cigarettes.

  • Garry says:

    I am in my teenage. Pure catholic upbringing made me guilty of my smoking habits. However, I could never help myself in quitting smoking. In such a situation I came across the electronic cigarettes offered by South Beach Smoke. They helped me in overcoming my smoking addiction. I love the rich coffee flavor of these cigarettes. I initially chose to have the nicotine rich e-cigarettes. However, with time my nicotine dependence has reduced. Now I am a guilt free man. I flaunt my style statement with these trendy stylish cigarettes those are absolutely health friendly.