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Green Smoke E-Cigarette Review and 10% Coupon Code

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E-cigarettes are the rage these days because they offer a healthier alternative to the conventional cigarette. Green Smoke is a prime example of such a brand that combines uniqueness of design, ease of use and a wide variety of flavors to choose from.


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Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are also called vapor cigs and are enjoyed all over the world as a perfect alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes.

They come in a unique two section design that features a high quality battery that is rechargeable and a cartomizer or a pre-filled disposable cartridge. This is available in a wide range of flavors depending on your preference. There are even different nicotine levels to choose from. Each cartomizer is equal to about 7.5 mg of conventional cigarettes. Green Smoke e-cigarettes possess a firm, steel shell design that feels very comfortable in the hand when they are smoked.

There are many advantages of using e-cigarettes as compared to the traditional one. Green Smoke offers a healthy alternative because it does not contain any carcinogens and other harmful substances that can cause life threatening diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema. It does not have any ash, fire or disconcerting cigarette smoke that can harm non-smokers. All you get is a safe vapor that you can literally use anywhere. People who are trying to kick the smoking habit are known to have done so using e-cigarettes such as Green Smoke.

What People are Saying about Green Smoke

Unique Cartomizer Design

When we talk about the word cartomizer we refer to the terms cartridge and atomizer. The cartridge basically is the receptacle for the smoking liquid while the atomizer is the part that helps turn the liquid into a smooth, flavorful aromatic vapor. When e-cigarettes were first introduced the cartridge and atomizer components were separate parts that usually malfunctioned due to clogging. Green Smoke was one of the first e-cigarette manufacturers that utilized the one piece cartomizer design that has since become the gold standard in the e-cigarette industry. The FlavorMax cartomizer used by Green Smoke greatly improved the quality and lifespan of a typical cartomizer. Users can enjoy about three hundred and sixty puffs per cartomizer. Since the cartridge and atomizer are integrated with one another, it is pretty convenient for users to use it as they do not have to do any refills; just discard and pop a new one in place and they are good to go. There are no more spillages to worry about with this convenient design feature.

Wide Selection of Flavors

Green Smoke FlavorsGreen Smoke offers customers seven exclusive flavors to choose from. All of these come in the handy FlavorMax cartomizer, which ensures convenience and offers the best quality vapors in the e-cigarette community. If you prefer the very distinctive taste of tobacco then you can opt for the Absolute Tobacco flavor, which has a sweet, smooth and light feel to it. If you are feeling a bit adventurous or just prefer the bold and robust flavor of classic cigarettes then you can try Red Label Tobacco flavor. It has that Virginia tobacco taste known to traditional smokers. For smokers who like the combination of Burley, Oriental and Virginia tastes, check out the Tobacco Gold flavor usually reserved for the most exquisite cigars. You can now feel free to indulge in the best tobacco flavors in an e-cigarette setting.

Green Smoke FlavorAnother popular flavor offered by Green Smoke is menthol ice. This is for smokers who relish that refreshing experience in the act of smoking. Mocha Mist is another flavor that combines the taste of finely roasted coffee with a hint of chocolate. This e-cigarette flavor can be enjoyed best while reading your favorite newspaper while munching on some freshly baked muffins.

Vanilla Dreams is another unique flavor offered by Green Smoke e-cigarettes. This is recommended for e-cig users who prefer a sophisticated, sweet creamy flavor of vanilla in their vapor. It is one of the best flavors you need to try for yourself. The last available flavor is Smooth Chocolate. This is one of the best ways to satisfy your chocolate cravings without feeling guilty about the consequences.

When it comes to the nicotine concentration in Green Smoke e-cigs, users have the opportunity to choose from a variety of available preparations depending on preference. Strong has at least a 2.4% level of nicotine and is comparable to a strong conventional cigarette. Full on the other hand has 1.8% component and can be likened to a regular full flavored brand while Light has 1.2% concentration only and is similar to a typical light smoke. There is also Ultra Light at .6% and Zero, which contains absolutely no nicotine but offers the same excellent taste and flavor like the real thing. You simply get the best that both worlds have to offer.

Packaging and Presentation

Green Smoke Starter KitWhen you receive the Green Smoke e-cigarette kit what you will see is a black rubber top tray, which holds a long and a short electronic cigarette battery. It is very evident from the design that the product possesses a sophisticated quality and looks very durable. You will notice that the batteries are capped with light green plastic LED lights that radiate a nice bright red when you inhale. Just below the tray you will find 2 FlavorMax Cartomizer five packs along with a USB powered electronic cigarette. Other contents of the kit include Green Smoke instruction manual, membership card, USB charger, AC wall adapter and a DC car adapter.

Green Smoke BatteryIt is a great advantage for customers to discover that when the batteries come they are already charged and ready for use. This product is so simple and easy to use. All you need to do is attach the battery with the e-cig and you are good to go. After trying on a few puffs you get a white colored vapor that really is quite similar to conventional cigarettes but without the nasty carcinogens and the terrible aroma.

Overall Recommendation

Green Smoke is an excellent product and a perfect choice for people who are trying to stop smoking conventional cigarettes. It is recommended also for light smokers and for those who are testing the taste and feel of e-cigarettes. This product offers you the freedom of enjoying a wide variety of flavors and comes with a sophisticated design that is convenient to use. There is no danger from the vapors that are produced as there is no tar and other dangerous chemicals and gases produced like in conventional cigarettes.

The high quality of flavor and the choices it allows users with regard to nicotine content makes Green Smoke one of the most versatile e-cigarette brands out there. The product has been highly recommended.

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8 Comments/Reviews

  • Daniel says:

    Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have offered me a chance to eventually bring down my dependence on cigarettes. I actually started their use 1 year back on the advice of my family doctor. I started with the strongest tobacco electronic cigarette that contains approx. 2.4% nicotine. Slowly it came down to 1.8% and now I enjoy the rich flavors of ultra light e-cig. I never suffered from the withdrawal symptoms of smoking cessation. The cigarettes by Green Smoke are a benchmark for quality and style, both.

  • Bob says:

    Electronic cigarettes and healthy cigarettes sounded funny to me initially. But Jesus! They do exist. I am absolutely amazed at their fabrication and health friendly concept. It is so simple to light up these cigarettes. It is so thrilling to have a battery based cigarette that doesn’t harm my body. The green lined batteries go red when I actually light them up and inhale. It is so amazing to have them. These Green Smoke cigarettes have become a style statement in my group. I don’t have to try hard to attract women around me anymore. My parents remain happy too.

  • Monika says:

    Mocha mist has finally put an end to my smoking habit. This is a flavorsome electronic cigarette by Green Smoke. I am not a disturbance to others around me anymore. This electronic cigarette has offered me a lot of relief. It melts a blended taste of rich cocoa and dark chocolate in my mouth. I love these cigarettes. I don’t have to compromise with my health anymore. I don’t go through the painful cravings for tobacco cigarettes anymore.

  • Johnny says:

    I certainly like to keep refreshed all the times. I guess menthol ice is my perfect companion. My wife no longer complains about the typical tobacco and smoky smell. Menthol ice flavor has reformed my married life manifolds. My wife used to make excuses of running away from me. But now, things have changed. Menthol ice by Green Smoke keeps my mouth refreshed always.

  • Lupin says:

    I have tasted some of the richest tobacco flavors from all across the world. Where did these Absolute tobacco and Red label tobacco flavors come from? These are fantastic flavors of electronic cigarettes by Green Smoke. You must try them once if you relish the rich tobacco taste. These cigarettes won’t even harm your health, since they are tar free. I am enjoying a healthier lifestyle with these healthy cigarettes.

  • Marlo says:

    I am in love with the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. Have you ever seen something as royal as they even look? They are perfect customized options for me. I Love the Red Label Tobacco Cigarette they offer.

  • Lane says:

    Vapor cigarettes are my latest discovery. They offer great flexibility. I can choose any nicotine range that I want to. They look royal and classy. I love the menthol ice flavor amongst the others offered by Green Smoke.

  • Cheri says:

    I’ve gotten quite comfortable vapping the mocha flavored and the menthol. Just wish there were more flavors. Like different menthol and cherry.